How Do You Choose The Best Mesothelioma Attorney?

How do you choose the Best Mesothelioma Attorney?

There are hundreds of mesothelioma trial lawyers practicing in the United States today, but they all have different qualifications. There is no actual designation for a mesothelioma attorney or trial lawyer, any lawyer can claim to be specialist in this area and lawyer with a recognized law degree can represent you in court.

However there are lawyers who are well versed in asbestos mesothelioma related lawsuits and who have sufficient experience working on such cases, these lawyers can be referred to as being specialist in the field and you stand the best chance of getting compensated with them.

How Do You Choose The Best Mesothelioma Attorney?

Choosing the right mesothelioma trial lawyers to represent you should start with an initial interview. Get a feel of the attorney or law firm, the gut feeling you get from meeting them, how attentive they are in listening to the specifics of your mesothelioma case will help you to determine if they are good enough for you.

You should also ask your trial lawyer the following questions at the initial interview:
  1. How many mesothelioma and asbestosis cases has your firm handled? You want a firm that has lots of resources and plenty of experience. You should also find out if the person you are meeting with will be the attorney that will actually handle your case or will it be passed to another attorney. If it will be passed, request to meet the actual attorney you will be working with.
  2. Are you recognized by your state Bar Association as a specialist in asbestos lawsuits? You can also contact your local bar association and ask for a list of mesothelioma trial lawyers; they will give you contact information for each attorney.
  3. What is your success rate at trial? Although not every mesothelioma case goes to trial, it is important to know whether the lawyer you are considering has a winning track record facing the asbestos defense lawyer in court. Most mesothelioma trial lawyers will gladly tell you their track record. You can also ask for documented evidence to be sure of their claims.
  4. How many mesothelioma asbestos cancer settlements have you handled and what amounts have you been able to secure? About half of all cases never see the inside of a courtroom because both sides agree to settle. Find out what you can expect in terms of a cancer settlement negotiation and how the asbestosis defense attorney or trial lawyer determines "just compensation" when negotiating a mesothelioma cancer settlement. For instance, will they ask for punitive damages in addition to medical bills?
If you ask these questions and are satisfied with the answers, chances that you have chosen the right firm is very high.

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