Alternative Cancer Treatment Options For Mesothelioma

Alternative Cancer Treatment Options For Mesothelioma

Alternative cancer treatments are getting more and more popular and even seem to gain the acceptance from the conservative medical community.

My wife and I have cancer. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in spring of 2009; I followed her with my kidney cancer diagnosis only a few months later. After my wife got diagnosed, we adapted to a healthy lifestyle and a whole foods, plant based diet. Further to that, my wife received intravenous Vitamin C drips and we both began to take quite a few natural supplements that we believe help us to keep the cancer from coming back again.

Unlike our cancers, there is no cure for mesothelioma nowadays. It is a fatal disease. However, there are things a mesothelioma patient can do to improve his quality of life through alternative cancer treatments.

Acupuncture for instance works for many people and is used to relieve pain. The basic principle is to insert thin and long needles into certain points on a person's body.

Alternative Cancer Treatment Options For Mesothelioma

My wife had acupuncture done at some point, and it seemed to have helped her with her migraines

Massages are used as an essential part of many alternative cancer treatment protocols. Mesothelioma patients reported how amazingly effective this method was to help them dealing with pain and stress. A patient may receive them as many times as he wishes. This procedure may also help to counter the side effects of traditional chemo therapies. It is strongly advisable though, to see a trained and reputable massage therapist for the treatments.

As I mentioned earlier, we decided to incorporate nutritional supplements into our cancer treatments. However, you do need to see a health care professional to help you finding the right supplements for your situation. Competent medical advice is crucial to make sure that you not only get the right substances and doses that will be beneficial for you, but also, and more importantly, ensure that your supplements are safe. Herbs and nutritional supplements are intended to boost the body's own immune system and slowing down or stopping the progression of mesothelioma and other cancers. Again, you need to ask your doctor and take his advice on which supplements you can take safely.

Another method that was introduced not too long ago is the so called Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, also referred to as TENS. In essence, electrodes that are placed on to the nerves are stimulating the production of substances that are similar to morphine and therefore may reduce the amount of pain. Article Source:

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